Mediamo ADR Srl is an Alternative Dispute Resolution Organisation, authorized by the Ministry of Justice since/in 2011, GPR N228. Managing director: Maurizio Colella

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Working hours of the Head office in Naples:
Monday to Friday: 10.00 – 13.00
Monday to Friday: 15.00 – 18.00

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What is mediation?

Mediation is an informal procedure of conflict resolution prior to a court litigation or substituting it that involves a third party, called a mediator, who has to facilitate communication between the interested parties in order to contribute to the mutually satisfactory settlement of a dispute.

Mediation favours

physical persons, legal entities and lawyers
Vantaggi della mediazione

Short time needed

We constantly monitor the work of our mediators carried out with the parties involved and/or their respective lawyers and finish 100% of mediations before the 3-month period given by law has elapsed.

It minimises costs and risks

Mediation has very low costs and it is undoubtedly beneficial for both physical persons and legal entities from the economic point of view. In addition, it eliminates risks connected to court litigation. Up to € 500 of tax credit.

It is an indispensable step in some conflict resolutions

In certain situations, an attempt to settle the case through alternative conflict resolution methods is an obligatory step to be taken before going to court.

It does not restrict your access to justice

The mediator has to facilitate dialogue and communication between the parties and can work out an agreement proposal only in case it is unanimously required by the parties involved.

Take advantage of mediation especially designed for legal entities

If you subscribe to mediation services with an Alternative Conflict Resolution Organisation/ Mediation Organisation, you can take full advantage of the services it offers.

Getting access to mediation

is easy and consists of three basic steps

1. Download the form

Get a form to file your request of mediation at one of our subsidiaries or download it here.

2. Fill it in

Fill in the mediation request. If you need assistance, just give us a call and we will help you.

3. Submit it

In order to start the process of mediation, hand the form you filled in to our administrative department.

See our Rules and Regulations or contact us to get additional information and assistance.

How much does mediation cost?

transparency, which benefits both the parties involved and lawyers

Mediation request and costs of getting started

Access to mediation does not cost much: in cases with a value of less than € 250.000, the cost of starting the mediation procedure equals just € 40, payable by each party involved + possible postage costs.

Mediation fees in case parties decide to proceed with the actual conflict resolution

In case all parties agree to proceed with the actual mediation, fees are to be paid by all parties in two instalments: 50% is paid after the first meeting and 50% before the final minutes of the mediation procedure are prepared. The fees for mediation vary depending on the value of the case. For more information, please, see this table.

Mediation does not require additional costs

The fees payable include the costs of getting started and the costs of mediation itself. In case parties decide not to proceed with the mediation itself, they are to cover the initial costs only.

To get more information on the costs, please, see Appendix A of the Rules and Regulations of the organisation.

Quali sono i costi della mediazione obbligatoria e convenzionale.

Get access to mediation

You can choose to fill in the form below, come to see us at one of our subsidiaries or simply call us.

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